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What it's Like to Live in Freeport, FL

As of 2022, Freeport, Florida, has a population of around 6,675 inhabitants. For many years, the number of people living here has continued to rise.

Since 2010, the area has seen a growth rate of almost 14%. With so many reasons to live along the Gulf Coast, it is no wonder experts believe more people are to flock to the land.

Anyone who enjoys nature and the outdoors will love to call this place home. And, if you travel in an RV, you should look no further than Freeport to set up camp.

The Quality of Life in Freeport, FL

WalletHub named Florida as the 7th best state to live in, and Florida finished 5th for quality of life. The Sunshine State is a desirable area to move to, and Freeport is up there with the best towns to live here.

Although there are plenty of benefits to living here, Freeport scores highly for safety and the cost of living. The town is well below the national average for the cost of living and security.

For such a compact community, Freeport also is recommended for education. There are plenty of options for schooling if you're moving with a child. Additionally, there is a high level of investment in education from the state.

The Weather in Freeport, FL

The weather is a significant factor when choosing where to live. But as you plan to move to The Sunshine State, you can guess what to expect.

The summer season is long and hot. It lasts almost five months, from May to late September, when the average daily high temperature is 84°F.

July is the hottest month when daily temperatures can reach nearly 90°F.

The cold season runs from December to February. You can expect a daily high temperature of 67°F with wet and partly cloudy skies.

Freeport RV Campgrounds

Around 1 million people live in an RV in the U.S.

People live in RVs for freedom, environmental benefits, or cheaper living. Many refer to this trend as the modern-day American Dream.

Our Freeport campsite comes with all the modern-day conveniences to make your life as comfortable as possible. Wifi, 52 full hookups, washers, dryers, and extended stays are all in place to make your stay with us more enjoyable.

And there's no need to worry about your furry friend. We are a pet-friendly campsite!

Freeport Outdoor Activities

Florida is home to 11 national parks. It's also famed throughout the globe for its golden and white sandy beaches.

So, expect to spend plenty of your free time outdoors.

Blue Mountain Beach is in Santa Rosa but only a short drive from the center of Freeport. The area gets its name from the vibrant blue lupine flowers lining the beach. While you're here, you can choose a day of relaxing on the beach or excitement in the crystal, clear water.

If hiking is more your thing, look no further than Topsail Hill Reserve State Park. There are several woodlands to explore nearby Freeport, but this is the prettiest. The wooden boardwalks along the dunes and through the wilderness make it a sight to behold.

Boat enthusiasts are in luck. That's because there are plenty of stations to launch your boat into the water.

Below are some of the most well-known.

  • Fishermans Boatyard

  • Alaqua Creek Park and Boat Ramp

  • Portland Park Boat Ramp

  • Freeport Marina

The best things to do in Freeport are outdoors.

Consider Moving to Freeport, Florida Today

Freeport is packed with stunning nature, friendly locals, and fun things to do. There are countless more reasons why you should consider moving to Freeport. The only way you can experience them is by relocating here today!

Housing is a priority when packing up and moving to a new state. If you're traveling in RVs, check for availability today. You can start planning your bright future in the Sunshine State!

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