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5 Top Things to Do in Freeport, Florida

Florida welcomes over 122 million tourists through its doors annually. However, Freeport remains to be fully uncovered by tourists visiting The Sunshine State.

The picturesque town is home to about 2,400 people and is under an hour from the Alabama border. This hidden gem might lack in size and popularity, but it certainly packs a punch.

1. Swim at Mullet Bay

No trip to Texas is complete without experiencing a BBQ. Additionally, you can't accomplish a venture to Florida without a day at the beach.

Florida has over 1350 miles of coastline. It is no surprise you can choose from countless golden or white sandy beaches. However, Mullet Bay is arguably the pick of the bunch.

The palm tree-lined beach is a paradise for those needing a break from reality. The year-round warm waters make it the ideal spot to dip in the sea.

2. Explore Topsail Hill Reserve State Park

The park is only a 20-minute drive from the center of Freeport, FL. It's $6 per vehicle to enter and offers visitors a chance to feel connected with nature.

You can take a stroll along the leafy pathway. Then stop for a break at one of the many picnic tables dotted around the site. That's before continuing your journey through dunes and sparkling bodies of water.

When returning to your Freeport RV park, you can stop at the nearby Publix Supermarket. You may pick up any supplies needed for your RV. Or, you can reward yourself after a long day with a refreshing frozen yogurt.

3. Relax at Blue Mountain Beach

From one stunning beach to another is Blue Mountain Beach. The beach is only a 20-minute drive south of downtown Freeport, FL. It's one of the largest and most popular in the area.

Once you arrive, you're instantly greeted with everything great associated with a beach. The white sand, crystal clear waters, and fresh sea breeze will put you in the vacation spirit.

It's the perfect spot to recharge while on vacation. You can also rent sports equipment and get out on the open waters.

4. Discover Alaqua Animal Refuge

If you're an animal lover, look no further than the Alaqua Animal Refuge. The shelter opened its doors in 2007 and has been helping neglected animals since then. Today, they can run free and explore the 10 acres of land.

The sanctuary is up a picture-perfect winding road on the Emerald Coast. Once inside the grounds, you're free to roam and enjoy the wildlife.

It's free to enter, but they do accept valuable donations.

5. Take in the Atmosphere at Destin

Destin is a charming seaside town known as "America's luckiest fishing village." It's easily accessible and only 28 miles southwest of Freeport.

Not only is the town famous for fishing, but its vibrant streets and an upbeat personality.

During the day, visit Destin Commons, one of the largest shopping centers in the area. Inside, you can shop until you drop at designer brands or independent boutiques. Recharge at one of many cafes before continuing on your journey.

In the evening, you can party until the early hours at one of the beachside bars. Or, relax at a local restaurant and sample the seafood handpicked from the nearby waters.

Uncover the Best Things to Do in Freeport, FL

Every year, more people are trying to get off the beaten path. So now is the time to explore Freeport, the Sunshines State's hidden gem! Before others uncover the town's magic and beauty.

No matter what time of the year you visit Freeport, you'll have a fantastic adventure. To make the most out of your trip, book an RV spot today. So you can take advantage of the best offers in town!

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