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3 Tips for Finding the Best RV Parks in the Florida Panhandle

There are over 53,722 RV parks and campgrounds in the United States. RV owners spend an average of 29 days in them per year.

Finding the right one can make or break your experience. You don't have to go miles away, but you do have to do your research.

1. Location

The Florida Panhandle is approximately 200 miles long. That's a large stretch of land with plenty of RV parks.

Search that area online or using apps. Look for one that gives off the feeling you want. Do you want a tranquil, secluded site in the woods or a bustling park near the city?

The park should also be near enough to any destinations you'd want or need to visit. Is it close to state or natural parks? Does it have plenty to do nearby? Will you have to waste time and fuel driving for miles to the nearest store if you run out of supplies?

Consider the season as well. The most common times for RV camping are late spring and early fall. They have ideal weather, but it attracts crowds.

2. Amenities

Check what the campground policies are. Put a bit of research into what they do and don't allow. It'll help you understand whether your RV can fit in it. You'll also get a sense of whether or not you're comfortable with the park's rules.

65% of RV travelers take their pets with them. Approximately 52% of all campsites are pet-friendly, but you should check the park's policies just to be safe.

Look for a list of amenities. See if they offer:

  • Cable TV

  • Wi-Fi

  • Laundry facilities

  • Community buildings

  • Clean restrooms and showers

  • Resident RV repairmen

  • Personal mail

  • Electricity, water, and sewage hookups

RV campgrounds can be secluded or full-on communities, so check out the social scene. A large calendar of social may or not be a plus.

3. Affordability

Set a budget for your RV camping trip. Base it on the length of your vacation and how much extra money you have available.

Get a detailed bill of what everything at the RV park costs, including the campsites and their amenities. Decide which aspects are most important to you. A remote worker may be willing to pay more for one with free Wi-Fi. A family may who'll shell out more for one with more activities to entertain the kids.

Best Florida Panhandle RV Parks

RV parks are becoming one of the hottest vacation destinations in the US. There are so many open today that it takes time and effort to find the best one for you.

Pick a location that offers the level of seclusion you want without being too far from any local attractions or stores. Look for a list of the park's amenities and activities. Choose one that's affordable but offers the experience you're looking for.

Book a spot at Black Creek RV Park today.

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