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5 of the Best Florida Road Trips to Consider Taking This Year

Almost 5.8 million people in Florida take at least one road trip yearly. Many choose to stay within the borders of the Sunshine State. They can explore the contrast between vibrant cities and scenic countryside.

The state is the home of road trips in the United States. There are endless attractions and plenty of quiet RV parks to rest at night. The only downside is choosing which routes to miss out on your thrilling adventure.

Fortunately, you found our Florida road trip ideas.

1. Florida Keys Scenic Highway

A list of Florida's best road trip destinations is not complete without the Keys Highway. The iconic venture spans around 113 miles from the south of Miami and Key West south. Along the way, you will pass some of America's gems, including Islamorada, Marathon, and the Keys.

The journey takes only 3 hours, but you've been transported to the Caribbean. Palm trees, white beaches, and tropical climate remind you of this when you cross a new bridge on the Ocean.

2. Florida's Historic Highway 98

This road trip takes you along the northern Gulf Coast. It offers a mix of coastal beauty and historical spots. It is one of the most underrated tracks for visitors. If you want to get off the beaten path but still have various sites and RV campgrounds nearby, this one is for you!

To begin, you will pass Apalachicola, known for its historic town and fresh seafood. Then, you will stay in coastal towns like Destin, Fort Walton, Freeport and Panama City. Enjoy beach activities, state parks, and delicious seafood en route.

3. Tamiami Trail on US Route 41

You can find everything great about Florida along the Tamiami Trail on US Route 41. It stretched from Tampa in the west to Miami in the east. Sandwiched in between is a bucket list route for all RV enthusiasts.

You can spot wildlife, visit airboat tours, and seek out the Big Cypress National Preserve. It is one of the eleven national parks in Florida with an abundance of amenities for RV travel.

This drive offers a glimpse into Florida's natural beauty and rich cultural heritage.

4. Gulf Coast Road Trip

If you want to venture outside Florida, put the Gulf Coast Road Trip on your travel list. You can sample the flavors of Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and The Sunshine State.

The road trip has beautiful scenery and peaceful settings that allow you to take a break from a busy life. Although relaxing, this road trip can be anything you make of it.

You can taste a mouthwatering BBQ in Houston or dive into history in the historic city of Mobile. You can even enjoy the many water activities and things to do in Destin.

Explore the Best of Florida and Its RV Parks

As Florida covers over 65,000 square miles, the best way to experience the state is with a Freeport RV. You can get from north to south or east to west to see everything it offers in a comfy setting.

If you need a comfortable, welcoming, and budget-friendly space to spend the night, you're in luck. We will gladly provide accommodation in our RV parks so you can sleep and tour the fantastic Sunshine State!

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