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Last-Minute Holiday RV Camping Gift Guide

Are you looking for a last-minute present for someone special this holiday season? And are they fortunate enough to travel the country in an RV?

Then why not give one of the gifts that every RV owner desires?

Since around 11 million households in the U.S. own an RV, it is no wonder you know someone who is part of the van life trend. A gift that fits in with their favorite pastime is a great way to thank loved ones for the good times during the year.

Compact Espresso Machine

Traveling in an RV is fun, rewarding, and exciting. It can be tiring, and a shot of their daily dose of caffeine is just the thing to help kickstart their morning.

RVing is popular in the U.S., but coffee is even more in-demand. Studies show that people drink around 517 million cups of that hot beverage daily. The chances are your RVing friends drink it too.

Since living in an RV lacks space, the key to the perfect RV gift is a compact machine that does not take up space.

Portable BBQ

Camping and BBQs go hand in hand. It is a fun activity that keeps you entertained while the sun sets. And as a bonus, you get delicious food throughout the evening!

A portable BBQ is an amusing yet practical gift. It uses less energy than cooking inside the RVs kitchen, which saves your friends some cash.

You have to decide between a coal or gas BBQ. A coal one offers smokey flavors, but people can use a gas BBQ in more locations.

Travel Hammock

A hammock is a delightful gift guaranteed to put a smile on the face of any RV owner. Traveling and RVing are about relaxing and taking a break from the stress of daily life. Thus, they must have a relaxing setting where they can chill out with a book or in silence for a few hours.

It is an essential item all RVers need while traveling in sunkissed spots such as Florida.

USA Scratch Map

A scratch map works by scratching off each state you visit. After each venture, you scratch off a new area, and it reveals how much of the country you traveled across.

RV enthusiasts will love this travel-related gift. It looks like a treasure map and motivates them to venture to a new location to explore more of the world.

Board Games

We live in a world full of technology and conveniences. Nevertheless, in recent years board games blossomed back to life.

They are a fun activity to play around a campfire or take shelter from the elements in a cozy RV. Some people go on a weekend camping trip to some beautiful yet remote parts of the nation. Therefore they need to stay entertained at night without any signal or wifi.

You can even find travel board games that take up less storage space in the RV.

Give Someone an RV Camping Gift This Year

Choosing a present can be challenging no matter how well you know someone. But if you know someone who enjoys the van life trend, pick up an RV camping gift this year.

If you want to put the cherry on top of the cake, book RV campgrounds in Freeport, FL. And give the gift of an adventure to the Sunshine State!

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