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How to Properly Manage a Campfire at a RV Park

Staying at an RV park is an adventure in and of itself. The sights, sounds, and experiences are one-of-a-kind. It is a chance to be in nature while still enjoying the c comforts of home.

If you plan to build a fire at your campsite, it is important to know how to properly manage it to mitigate risk and keep your experiences enjoyable and safe. With a few tips, you can successfully manage a fire and enjoy all that your RV campground and the surrounding area has to offer!

Every campground has varying rules, but there are a few that should always be followed regardless of where you are staying. Find out the best ways to manage your campfire at any RV park that you happen to stay out.

Be Aware of the Weather

Check the local weather guide to determine if there are any concerns for high heat, dry conditions, windy weather, or similar weather advisories that could affect your fire.

Because of Freeport’s closeness to the gulf, there will be conditions that could cause your campfire to become unruly or out of control. Checking weather apps before and during your campfire helps you make better decisions as you manage your fire.

Safe Construction of RV Park Campfires

Many free guides can help you construct and start a fire that is set up to burn hot, slow, and safely. You can bring materials from home and/or supplement with materials found around your campsite if allowed.

Using dry, clean wood and kindling is a perfect recipe for a brightly burning fire. If accelerants are allowed, use only appropriate lighter fluid, and carefully add the liquid to your fire. Always keep a safe distance away from an active fire as you are building it.

Smaller is better for an RV campfire. You can always add wood, accelerant, and kindling, but it is very difficult to scale back a fire that is growing out of your control.

Mindfulness Matters

Never leave your campfire unattended. It only takes a few minutes for a fire to become uncontrollable and cause irreversible damage.

It may seem like common sense but keeping a respectable distance from a fire is never a bad idea. Be aware of any loose or potentially flammable garments. When cooking, wear protective mitts to prevent burns to your hands or arms. Never go to sleep with an active or still smoldering campfire.

If alcohol is allowed at your campground and you are consuming it, practice moderation and safety. Alcohol is a contributor to many accidents. Drinking alcohol around an open fire can lead to dangerous consequences if not taken seriously.

Most importantly, keep pets and children out of harm’s way by not letting them roam unattended around an active campfire. Pets should be on a leash and away from the fire if you are not close by. Children should never be left with an active fire, even for a moment.

Implement safe, smart boundaries around your campfire experience and you will enjoy the experience to its full potential.

Extinguishing Your Fire

After practicing smart rules when starting and managing your fire, it is just as important to extinguish it properly. Almost 20% of all fires are due to carelessness and negligence. It only takes a few minutes and can make the difference between a happy ending and damaging effects.

If you have water, use it to douse the fire and any remaining embers. If water isn't a readily available resource, you can use dirt or sand to smother the fire. Ensure that there are no flames, glowing coals, or smoldering remains. Even if there is not an active fire, the embers can reignite if a strong wind disrupts them.

Take the extra time to properly extinguish your fire. This keeps the area and surrounding areas safe and the campfire area ready for the next visitor to use.

Happy Camper

Save this guide for the next time you find yourself at an RV park. Using the tips we gave you, in conjunction with your park's specific rules and regulations, will ensure a safe and happy camping experience!

Contact our office if you have questions regarding camping at Black Creek RV Park. We hope to see you outside in nature real soon.

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