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Healthy Eating While RVing in Freeport, FL

The global recreational vehicle (RV) industry was worth more than $60 billion in 2023. RVs are becoming more popular as Americans look for freedom, and alternative home and travel options.

To accommodate this increase in RVs, there are more RV parks and RV campgrounds popping up around North America.

Almost every RV guide will give you tips on how to pack, how to travel, and where to go, but what catches a lot of people off-guard is eating! Healthy eating in RV campgrounds isn't as easy as it seems.

Meal Planning

It's important to plan ahead, or you'll end up buying food on a meal-by-meal basis. This is how you end up hitting fast food restaurants or living off of easy snacks you can buy at convenience stores.

While there's nothing wrong with some snacks and fast food here and there, it's not a good long-term plan. Making a meal plan and preparing food when you can, are good ways to ensure you're getting enough healthy food.

Check out this guide on meal prepping for more information.

Hot and Healthy

Sometimes people lose interest in their pre-packed food. This is often the case for people who have pre-made and refrigerated all their food or made a lot of only one type of food.

It's important to keep things interesting! Most RVs have space for a small gas or charcoal grill. When you're at campsites, use these tools! Most sites also have a dedicated fire area where you can cook things over flames.

Since they are fire hazards, make sure to check the campground policies around flames and grills before you use them. Click to learn more about our campground policies.

Nutritious Snacks

With long trips between each campground, there might be days when you don't leave the RV, or you're too far in between campgrounds and won't be able to stop somewhere you can use your grill.

Snacks are a normal feature of road trips. They're easy to store and easy to eat, and they tide you over when you're hungry, but can't eat an entire meal. The unfortunate reality is that most snacks are pretty unhealthy, so eating too many too often is bad for you.

To avoid this, make sure you've got a supply of healthy snacks in your RV. You want snacks that are going to be filling and energizing without taking up too much space.

Good nutritious snacks include:

  • Dried fruit

  • Healthy energy bars

  • Nuts

  • Yogurts

  • Hard-boiled eggs

  • Roasted chickpeas

  • Cheese and crackers

Healthy Living in Freeport RV Campgrounds

Traveling and staying in RV campgrounds don't have to mean a compromise for healthy eating.

Investing in a collection of healthy snacks will tide you over in between meals, and your meals are going to be a lot healthier when you remember to plan ahead and use all the tools at your disposal.

Looking for a great RV campground in Florida? Check our availability and start your journey.

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